Dr Miami Breast Reduction

Dr Miami Breast Reduction: Interview Tips and Tricks

Getting a Dr Miami breast reduction? When communicating with a plastic surgeon for your surgery, the manner is as important as the message. In fact, a person can glean a lot from the intonation and body language of the surgeon, more than what he gathers from his words alone.

Thus, when you listen to the interviews of Dr. Michael Salzhauer aka Dr. Miami, you feel that you’re in good hands. It’s easy to feel at ease with his fun and entertaining manner in answering questions, whether it be in an interview with a radio station or in an episode of his Dr. Miami WETV show. The fact that he can crack jokes about his Dr Miami breast reduction and other plastic surgeries means that he’s confident of his skills and experience.


But sometimes, the distinct style of his Dr. Miami breast reduction interview can be detrimental to his cause. There is a danger that his message may not be able to get across, drowned in all the jokes and anecdotes that he’s telling his audience. Others may also perceive him to be trying too hard to entertain his patients, compromising Dr. Miami’s image as a reputable plastic surgeon. His style does not really communicate how serious plastic surgery is, leading to some of his patients undermining the risks of breast reduction.

Keep in mind that there’s no right or wrong in these interview styles. It all depends on your own cup of tea. But take note that there are certain things that you should look for in your breast reduction interview with your plastic surgeon.

Dr. Miami Breast Reduction Good Interview Tips

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re now interviewing your plastic surgeon.

You don’t really need to know the most popular procedures for his patients, as every surgery is different.

Neither do you need to listen to his jokes, as it’s not an assurance that your surgery will turn out well.

You don’t even need to follow your plastic surgeon on Snapchat or any other social media.

What then should you glean from your plastic surgeon during your interview?

For reference, please check out Dr. Masri’s interview on breast reduction on YouTube

Dr Miami Breast Reduction Experience

One of the main points that you should ask your plastic surgeon is his experience in breast reduction. After all, no one wants to pin their hopes on a newbie plastic surgeon who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Everyone knows that Dr. Michael Salzhauer has had plenty of experience in performing a Dr Miami breast reduction based on his exposed Snapchat operations. But it’s still important to reassure patients of his decades-long experience, just like what Dr. Nick Masri did in his interview. He detailed his experience of breast reduction, which is the specific procedure being asked by one of his interviewers.

Appropriateness of the Procedure

If you’re listening to any plastic surgeon’s interview about a procedure you’re thinking of getting, you would want to know if you’re a good candidate for that procedure.

That is exactly what Dr. Masri does in his interview on breast reduction. He explains that those who have big breasts and are having difficulty managing them are good candidates for a breast reduction. He also said that a person needs to be in an overall good state of health to undergo any plastic surgery procedure.

Though the capacity of a person to undergo plastic surgery still differs on a case to case basis, it’s helpful to know that you at least fulfill the general requirements of a certain procedure.

Details about the Procedure

You also need to know the specifics of a breast reduction.

For instance, Dr. Masri explained the goals of breast reduction and how he’s going to help patients achieve them. He also explained both the physical and psychological preparation that each patient should undergo, as well as how the recovery would be like. Dr. Masri also insisted that it’s best to do breast reduction in a hospital environment for maximum safety.

Dr. Miami breast reduction interview style is light and entertaining, so he doesn’t delve into the details of a procedure. He opts instead to share some anecdotes of his past patients – confidential, of course.

Correcting Misconceptions

Plastic surgery is full of misconceptions, and it is the plastic surgeon’s job to correct them and reassure his patients.

A good example of this is when Dr. Masri clarified that wearing a bra is not an issue in breast reduction. Most patients think that they can no longer wear a bra after a breast reduction, but that’s just a myth. The truth is, it’s a matter of preference and wearing a bra post-surgery is not forbidden.

Dr Miami Breast Reduction Costs

One of the most common questions patients ask plastic surgeons is whether or not the procedure will be covered by insurance.

Although most plastic surgeries are not covered by insurance, breast reduction surgery may be covered by insurance provided it is considered as a medical necessity.

Both Dr Miami and Dr. Masri assure their patients on their knowledge on the authorization process. They also help their patients curb the cost of breast reduction as best as they can.

Dr Miami breast reduction interview Questions

It is seldom that patients don’t have questions for their plastic surgeons. As such, it is the plastic surgeon’s duty to answer these questions to the best of their ability during interviews.

Dr Miami breast reduction interview had lots of questions from interviewers. The masterful way that he replied to the questions is a testament to his skill and experience as a plastic surgeon.

Managing Risks

Finally, any plastic surgeon interview should allow you to learn about the risks of the surgery you’re contemplating.

For instance, Dr. Masri detailed what you should do if you’re dissatisfied with your breast reduction surgery. He provided options on revision surgery and scar revision, thus making it easier for patients to manage their expectations when it comes to plastic surgery.

Whether you prefer a fun and entertaining or a serious and educational interview style, the important thing is to always look for a reputable, experienced, and board-certified plastic surgeon to meet your plastic surgery needs. Dr. Masri is double board certified by both The American Board of Surgery and The American Board of Plastic Surgery.