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Dr Miami Net Worth Recap: What’s He Been Up to?

If you’ve done your plastic surgery research, you’ve probably come across the famous Dr. Miami. After all, he has his own reality TV show, plus a bustling Snapchat account where he posts plastic surgery videos for his thousands of followers. You can just imagine how much Dr Miami net worth is. 


Three years ago, Dr Miami net worth was estimated to less than $2 million. Few plastic surgeons were listed as top richest ones with their net worth listed over $20 million, so ten times more than Dr. Michael Salzhauer. But given the fact that Dr. Miami has become a celebrity, it may be no surprise to see his net worth jumping to sky high.

Some websites claim Dr Miami has an estimated net worth of $7.6 billion in 2019. It must be fake news since US billionaires are featured by FORBES, and Michael Salzhauer is not listed at Forbes. Yet 🙂

But take a look at the different factors that contributed to the increase of Dr Miami net worth.

Dr Miami Net Worth – Starred in his reality TV show

If Dr. Miami’s snaps of stark naked patients going under the knife shook the Snapchat world, then there’s no reason why it won’t resonate as well in the reality TV universe.

Premiering last March 31, the self-titled “Dr. Miami” follows the uncensored and unconventional operations of the quirky Dr. Miami on his “beauty warriors” – the label he gives to his patients because they are willing to do everything to achieve inner and outer beauty.

The unscripted TV series also features Dr. Miami’s team – Rosy, Brittany, Ashley, Ari, Tati, Jovanna, and Chelsea – as they do their jobs in helping out Dr. Miami and battle each other for exposure.

But while everyone on the show seems to consent to be broadcast to millions of viewers, Dr. Miami claimed that only 60% of his patients – two out of three people – agree to be featured on the show due to their fear of being recognized.

Still, this didn’t stop people like social media star Adam Barta and model Zashia from sharing their plastic surgeries (and private dramas) on the show.

“Dr. Miami” season one has six episodes available on WEtv. It might be a short series, but it was definitely a huge boost to Dr Miami net worth.

Rubbed Elbows with More Celebrities

Known as a plastic surgeon to the stars, Dr. Miami added more to the list of celebrities he’s operated on – or simply exchanged tweets with – this year.

Another Dr Miami net worth addition is his connection with rapper 2 Chainz, whom Dr. Miami allowed to ‘sit in’ like an intern in one of his Brazilian butt lifts (BBL).

“I think it’s magical and I think it’s something I’ve never seen,” 2 Chainz said of the experience. “I can’t believe that some women do this, and then, I guess, I can believe some women do it. So I’m still on the 50-yard line with this.”

Dr. Miami also operated on Teen Mom actress Brianna de Jesus, giving her a labiaplasty, breast implant, and BBL. Other high-profile plastic surgery patients include Teen Mom stars like Kailyn Lowry and Farrah Abraham.

Dr. Miami also rubbed elbows – at least on Twitter – with model Chrissy Teigen, who messaged him with, “Hello. I want a butt.” Probably joking, but it still counts for something.

Shook Bay Harbor Islands Town Officials

Just recently, Dr. Miami had a little bit of altercation with the Bay Harbor Islands town officials when they asked him to remove his office signage due to a sign code violation.

According to officials, business owners on the second floor or higher couldn’t have signs on the ground floor. Hence, the sign – a Dr. Miami logo over a white, red, and black backdrop – must be removed.

But instead of simply taking his office signage down, Dr. Miami launched a Change.org petition asking the “Bay Harbor Islands Town Council of Darkness” for sovereign immunity for his “Dr. Miamiland.” He even showed up at the council meeting dressed in a red velvet robe and crown, all the while declaring his office’s independence from the small town.

Of course, it’s not surprising for Dr. Miami to pull off a stunt like that, but while it was entertaining to some, others didn’t find it quite so funny.

Dr. Miami eventually decided to take down his banner to avoid paying $250 a day–definitely a blow to his overall Dr Miami net worth.

Grew his social media presence

As of press time, Dr. Miami has more than 632k followers on Instagram. And that’s despite the fact that Instagram once banned him for being too graphic.

His Twitter account – where he almost got into a feud with Nicki Minaj – had over 83.8k followers.

Though there are now around 300 to 400 plastic surgeons on Snapchat these days, Dr. Miami will always hold the distinction of being the first plastic surgeon on Snapchat.

Launched a Music Video

Dr. Miami had always had a passion for music, and he finally fulfilled that dream when he collaborated with Adam Barta for the single, “Flawless.” It has garnered more than 13,000 views and shot to the top of iTunes, naturally shooting up Dr Miami net worth.

No wonder he wants to make more songs in the future. “It was fun,” Dr. Miami said of the experience.