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Dr Miami Rhinoplasty Review and Comparison

Nose surgery – better known as nose reshaping surgery, rhinoplasty, or nose job – is one of the most popular surgeries of all time. In fact, Dr Miami rhinoplasty is always on high demand in Dr. Michael Salzhauer’s clinic.

In 2016, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recorded 223,018 rhinoplasties in the United States alone – an increase of two percent from 2015’s figures.

Are you one of those people thinking of refining your nose in the future? You need to look for the right plastic surgeon to do your nose job.

Dr Miami Nose Job Procedure Location

Dr. Miami does his rhinoplasties in his clinic.  

Most rhinoplasties in Miami are done inside doctor’s offices or clinics. That’s also the case with a Dr Miami nose job as it’s an outpatient procedure.

If you decide to undergo your rhinoplasty in Dr. Miami’s clinic, you need to do the operation within office hours. A typical nose job lasts only one to two hours, so you have the rest of the office day to recover in the clinic.

Since clinics are smaller than hospitals, take note that you might not have your own room while recovering from your nose reshaping surgery. You might only be separated from other patients with a curtain, providing you with little privacy.

Just for a comparison, Dr. Masri makes it a point to do his rhinoplasties – and most of his operations – in accredited hospitals. The great thing about hospitals is that it has a lot of facilities for your needs, making it a one-stop shop for your pre-op and post-op needs.

For instance, if you need a complete blood count, you can easily go to the laboratory to have it done. If you need an x-ray, the radiology department is just around the corner.

There’s also emergency staff and facilities available in case something goes wrong with your surgery. Treatments may be a little more expensive compared to procedures done in a clinic, but that’s a small price to pay for your safety.

Dr Miami Rhinoplasty Experience

Dr. Miami has a mix of positive and negative reviews on rhinoplasties.  

There’s no question that Dr. Miami has extensive experience in rhinoplasties.

Dr. Miami has garnered a lot of praises for his rhinoplasty work on his RealSelf profile. Many of his former patients agree that a Dr Miami rhinoplasty has given them better-shaped noses, specifically by removing unsightly bumps and correcting deviated septa.

Dr. Miami Rhinoplasty Limitations

Dr. Miami has weight and age limitations for his patients.

Weight limitations are quite common in many plastic surgeons, including Dr. Miami. In fact, he limits the body mass index of his patients to 30, which is considered the ideal BMI for those who want to undergo invasive cosmetic procedures.

Another limitation for a Dr Miami rhinoplasty is age. For him, he does not want to operate on any patient over 50 due to the increased risk of post-operative complications.

For patients who fall outside Dr. Miami’s restrictions, it can be very frustrating to know his limitations. That’s why Dr. Nick Masri may be an alternative option for those who want to see if they can still undergo rhinoplasty despite being heavy or old.


Dr. Miami has a long waiting list for consultations. 

Because of Dr. Miami’s popularity, it’s not surprising to learn that he has a lengthy list of patients waiting to book an initial consultation. According to an interview with Forbes, Dr. Miami’s phone consultations are booked out for almost a year.

But if you can’t wait that long for your Dr Miami nose job, then you can try Booking a Free Consultation with Dr. Nick Masri, who can accommodate you at your convenience to explore your options. There’s nothing to lose here since it won’t cost anything but your time and you can rest assured we will respect that and your privacy.