Dr Miami Show

Dr Miami Show: Watch-Worthy Moments

“There’s a fine line between creativity and craziness, and I don’t think I’ve crossed it.”
– Dr. Michael Salzhauer aka Dr. Miami in the Dr Miami Show

The first season of the Dr. Miami TV Show may just be composed of six episodes, but there sure is no shortage of drama, crazy costumes, and Brazilian butt lifts. From weird patient requests to nail-biting plastic surgery moments, Dr. Michael Salzhauer aka Dr. Miami gives us a peek into his extraordinary everyday life.

Dr. Miami may believe that he has not yet crossed the line between creativity and craziness, but we’ll let you be the judge as we give you a rundown of what you might expect from Dr. Miami’s first season.


Wacky Costumes

Dr. Miami’s wide range of costumes is one of the things that make him unique. He has lots of wigs and hats, as well as full garbs like his Vikings ensemble and policeman attire.

But while many of his patients must have loved him for it, others are having a hard time trusting him when he looks straight out of a rap music video.

“Lord, have mercy,” exclaimed a patient’s significant other when he saw Dr. Miami’s carefree look. “I am very, very uncomfortable.”

“Good thing you’re not the patient, then. I wear it all the time,” was Dr. Miami’s witty comeback.

“That is not the best first impression,” said another relative. “You’re wearing that crown and cape. That’s not giving me the best feeling.”

Dr. Miami replied, “I like to make my patients feel comfortable because the surgery itself is scary enough. But if wearing a crown and a cape makes my patients feel more comfortable, that’s what I do.”

The bigger danger is when patients fail to take Dr. Miami seriously because of his costumes and antics.

For instance, in episode 3 of the Dr Miami show where a patient underwent labiaplasty, Dr. Miami stressed the importance of avoiding sexual intercourse for a month. But because she was used to Dr. Miami’s goofiness and didn’t think he would get mad at her, she removed her stitches days after her procedure.

Good thing it didn’t result in serious complications, but it would probably not have happened with a stricter plastic surgeon.

First Impressions

If you’re greeted by your plastic surgeon while wearing a king’s crown and mantle, wouldn’t you be surprised as well?

At least that’s what most patient’s relatives felt.

“I look at pictures. I watch your surgery. It’s cool. It looks like you guys have a lot of fun,” said one patient’s boyfriend in the second episode of the Dr Miami TV show. “But then, when you have somebody close to you, somebody personal to you, somebody that you love that is going to be a part of it and get opened up… I just want to make sure that this is going to be taken seriously.”

Dr Miami TV ShowThe son of Dr. Miami’s patient also said the same thing in episode three. “Dr. Miami seems to be a bit of a clown to me. I want to be very selective with who’s operating on my mother and the anesthesia. I don’t think he’s the right person to be doing it,” he said.

Initial consultations are an opportunity for Dr. Miami to make a great first impression. But while all his patients are so excited to get plastic surgery, their relatives are a different matter.

It’s fun to watch how these relatives and friends come to terms with the specimen that is Dr. Miami – and eventually eat their words once the results are out.

Dr Miami Show – Cast 

The Dr. Miami show wouldn’t be complete without his staff of beautiful women, composed of:

  • Rosy (COO)
  • Brittany (Social Media Coordinator)
  • Ashley (Social Media Coordinator)
  • Ari (Patient Coordinator)
  • Tati (Medical Clearance Coordinator)
  • Jovana (Patient Coordinator)
  • Chelsea (OR Director and Recovery Nurse)

And of course, these women were not mere icing on the cake. They also contributed a lot of juicy moments on the show, including some side drama and behind-the-scenes gossip.

For instance, Tati had a little pregnancy scare, thanks to her co-workers putting the idea inside her head. It turned out that it was a false alarm, but the whole incident made for some suspense-filled side story.

The girls once again took center stage in the last episode of the Dr Miami show, where one of them was given a chance to undergo free plastic surgery from Dr. Miami himself. It all boiled down to the two social media coordinators – but it’s up to you to find out who gets the free BBL and breast implants.

But Dr. Miami’s staff stole the spotlight in episode five when Ari and Tati got into an argument with Hanan and Susu from reality TV show “Bad Girls.” This led Tati to say, “Outside the office, they might be the bad girls, but in here, we’re the bad girls. We run this show.”

All That Drama

Of course, no reality show is ever complete without the drama. And in the Dr. Miami  TV show, there’s plenty of it in every episode.

In the first episode where social media star Adam Barta underwent rhinoplasty and chin implant, there was a bit of a scare when Barta’s implant went missing.

There were also a couple of instances when patients were accompanied by their parents, causing tension inside Dr. Miami’s office.

A patient also wasn’t allowed to undergo a nose job because of her airway problems, resulting in her being sent home on the day of her surgery.

You’ll never run out of drama in Dr. Miami’s office.

Much-Awaited Results

Why do people get plastic surgery in the first place? To get great results, of course.

Every episode of the Dr. Miami TV show features patients who want to feel good about themselves.

There’s one patient who wanted to finally do something for herself after her father dominated most of her life.

Another patient simply wanted to get rid of the constant pain in her breasts after she took a bullet to save her son’s life years ago.

There’s even one who wanted to copy the nose of her husband’s ex-wife – however weird that may seem.

Whatever their reasons are, Dr. Miami makes their wildest dreams come true. Seeing the result of each surgery already makes the show worth watching.

Has Dr. Miami has crossed the line separating creativity and craziness? You be the judge as he bares all in the Dr. Miami episodes.