Dr Miami O Shot

Dr Miami Snap – What about O-Shots?

Dr. Michael Salzhauer aka Dr. Miami may be famous for the extensive Dr Miami snap videos of breast and body plastic surgeries. But there’s another minimally invasive procedure that makes his name resound in the world of novelty plastic surgery – the Dr Miami O-Shot.

Dubbed as the female Viagra, the Dr Miami O Shot is a treatment that helps boost a woman’s libido and sexual satisfaction. Considering that a lot of women say that they are unsatisfied with sex, the O-Shot seems like a godsend.

Let’s look beyond these rave reviews from Dr. Miami’s patients and try to figure out – is the Dr Miami O Shot really safe? Are there studies that back up its effectiveness and safety?

What is the O-Shot Shown in Many Dr Miami Snap Videos?

In case you’re wondering, O-Shot is short for Orgasm Shot. The name of this procedure already gives you an idea what it’s all about and why it’s featured in a lot of Dr Miami snap videos.

Developed by plastic surgeon Charles Runel after being inspired by the Vampire Facelift, the O-Shot involves drawing blood out of your arm. The blood is then injected into an area near the clitoris and just inside the vagina, dubbed as the O-spot. It’s much closer to the opening of the vagina than the G-spot, hence making it easier to stimulate.

Your blood stimulates the growth of new cells in that area and even plumps up your clitoris, thus making it more sensitive. Needless to say, it helps women achieve orgasms during sex.

What are the Benefits of the O-Shot?

The O-Shot has one important benefit–it gives “insanely good orgasms,” as one patient said.

“Having an orgasm felt like tipping the ball into the hoop from the rim gently, as opposed to shooting a 3-point shot from half-court,” said Emily McCombs in an article on Elite Daily. “And the orgasms just seemed to get stronger and better, until they were lasting for what felt like minutes (but were probably actually, like, 15 awesome seconds).”

Women receiving the Dr Miami O Shot experience better sexual response because of stronger and more frequent orgasms. It provides them a dramatic transformation in their sex life. Many patients also reported having a more pronounced arousal.

For some patients, the O-Shot also made their vaginal openings tighter. Even menopausal patients experienced increased sexual desire, decreased pain during intercourse, and increased natural lubrication. It can also contribute to significantly reduced urinary incontinence.

Who Benefits from a Dr Miami O Shot?

Based on Dr Miami snap videos, the O-Shot was originally designed for menopausal women having a tough time engaging in sexual intercourse. It’s for those who find their clitoral sensitivity reduced.

But it can also be used for almost any woman who wants to have it. The best candidates for an O-Shot include healthy women who want to have stronger orgasms, increased sexual desire, increased natural lubrication, decreased urinary incontinence, and simply more orgasms.

How is an O-Shot Done?

Like all other plastic surgery procedures, you first have to schedule a consultation with Dr. Miami to know if you’re a suitable candidate for the O-Shot.

Dr. Miami or one of his partner plastic surgeons will get your detailed medical history. They will also conduct a few lab tests to know your current health condition. It will allow them to prepare a personalized plan to help you achieve successful results.

On the day of your procedure, a numbing cream will be applied to your vaginal area and arm. Your plastic surgeon then draws blood out of your arm. He then puts the blood in the centrifuge for about five to 10 minutes to separate the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the rest of the blood components. The PRP contains around seven different growth factors that trigger stem cells to grow younger tissue.

Your surgeon then injects the collected PRP – about 5cc in total – into the O-spot and numb clitoris. Your stem cells instantaneously produce new collagen, fatty tissues, and blood vessels. The effects last for about a year.

According to one of Dr. Miami’s patients, the procedure just feels like “a really long Pap smear,” while another one said that she felt absolutely nothing while Dr. Miami was performing it.

You may also talk to Dr Miami about featuring you in one of his Dr Miami snap videos.

How Do You Recover from a Dr Miami O Shot?

The O-Shot virtually has no downtime, so you can return to work immediately after. You might experience a little discomfort after a few hours because of the numbing cream, but it’s completely painless.

Once the numbing subsides, you may feel like you’re more aware of your genitals. But it’s in bed where you’ll find the real difference.

By the way, you can resume sexual intercourse immediately after the procedure.

Are There Any Risks and Side Effects?

Most plastic surgeons offering the O-Shot as one of their services will tell you that the O-Shot is safe. Still, it has risks like any other cosmetic procedure.

Some side effects that might arise include bruising, swelling, and possible hematoma.

But while the Dr Miami O Shot has no known complications, that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. For one, there aren’t enough clinical studies on its effectiveness and safety.

Gynecologists developed the procedure using experimental methods of PRP technology. But they have yet to be proven scientifically. “In fact, it still isn’t well received by many gynecologists because of the lack of studies.”

Current research is mostly speculative. Moreover, the sampling size of these studies was too small to be representative of the entire sexually active female population.

As such, specialists with the most experience in female sexual issues should do more research. After all, a specialist performing a procedure should also be capable of treating any complications that may arise from the O-Shot.

How Much is a Dr Miami O Shot?

The O-Shot ranges from $1,500 to $3,500, depending on numerous factors like the amount of treatment and the severity of the condition.

But just like other cosmetic surgeries, medical insurance rarely covers the O-Shot as it’s not medically necessary.

The Dr Miami O-Shot is a helpful procedure for women seeking to spice up their sex life, but the “lack of research on the procedure should put you on the side of caution.”

More than just riding a trending fad featured in many Dr Miami snap videos, you should always look at the research that backs up the effectiveness of the procedure. There might be possible complications that Miami plastic surgeons still don’t know about.